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Everybody Is a Beauty Expert

Design, Strategy, Trends

For over 15 years, we have been implementing a wide range of designs for dm. Over the years, Balea has established itself as a love brand – and Beauty Expert was a special case.

Since 2008, we have been working closely with dm to help their store brands have packaging that is relevant to their target groups. Our strategy, trend, and design services range from cosmetics to household and baby products.

Balea has managed to be more than just a dm store brand: thanks to its self-confident appearance, Balea keeps up with large industrial brands in terms of cult status, sales figures, and quality – and has become an absolute love brand.

When dm approached us with the desire to create a modern brand that could keep up with current trend brands, we knew where we wanted to go in terms of design: Balea Beauty Expert was to be a skincare product with a professional appearance and a clear design with a medical feeling – and its minimalist look should also work well on social media.

Professional care deserves a professional appearance: in contrast to most Balea brands, which often rely on small details, the design of Beauty Expert focuses on clear communication.

The intuitive orientation of the design is created by strong color coding and a simple information hierarchy in black and white. It’s a look that brings with it a level of expertise usually only associated with beauty experts – and popular skincare brands on social media.


dm and WIN’s joint success story started over 15 years ago and includes the design and redesign of several store brands.

1 Nr.

in Germany and Europe as the largest drugstore chain.


Start of the collaboration between Balea and WIN, which still continues to this day.

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