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A Model's Secret to Self-Care

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When top model Stefanie Giesinger created her own skincare line with dm, it was about more than just looking good. But how do you package a brand that not only has great content, but also needs to make a splash on social media?

Stefanie Giesinger is not just a model; she’s also a committed opinion leader on body positivity, female empowerment, social justice, and sustainability.

Our packaging concept for the relaunch of her dm brand MOY had to be as clear as her vision and voice – transparent and direct. After our strategy and brand workshops, the logo and packaging concept for MOY (“my” in Russian) were created in close collaboration with the model.

Only the most necessary ingredients were used for the skincare series, and nothing else – so we applied the same philosophy to the design. The result is a product range that stands out amongst other sustainable cosmetics through its precision and clarity, perfectly positioning it for Gen Z as a lifestyle brand.

From the very beginning, special consideration was given to ensure that the design was “grammable.” After all, as an influencer with almost five million Instagram followers, packaging that works digitally is not a “nice to have,” but a must.

The tidy, bold design focuses on lightness, and dispenses with all the seals and certificates other sustainable brands cover their products with. The result is beauty that’s beyond skin deep: who knew sustainability could look so good?

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