Teatime with a New Look

Design, Trend

It doesn’t always take a whole new brand strategy and an entirely new design to give brands a refresh. There’s no need to fix something that’s not broken.

What has proven to be a winning formula for us as an agency also played an important role in the success of the TEEKANNE range. The challenge of the Country Teas was to respect the design codes of the tea category while at the same time creating differentiation and emotion.

With a soft relaunch, we made sure that relaxation time remains a classic TEEKANNE moment – just a little bit more beautiful.

To meet the design brief, the balance between the traditional and the new had to be just right.

The Country Teas provide lightning-fast storytelling through country-specific design elements – and at the same time provide assistance in intuitive classification and for quick orientation. The colors and symbols subconsciously convey enjoyment and “inner” warmth.


The strong packaging design translated directly into increased sales for TEEKANNE: just one of the reasons why we have enjoyed working together for over 13 years.

18 %

increase in sales of Country Teas compared to the year before the relaunch.


Start of the collaboration between TEEKANNE and WIN, which still continues to this day.

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