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What happens when a brand’s packaging design goes beyond a single product – and continues its story across the rest of the range? Brands can benefit from cohesive storytelling across products and be creative in turning an entire store shelf into space for advertising.

Fuel Me Up isn’t just a tea brand. This creative case shows how products can be positioned at the POS in an intelligent way to catch the eye and turn a brand story into an all-new, three-dimensional experience. The unique charm of this approach becomes clear when viewing several products together at the POS rather than individually.

It paves the way for creative dialog and grips the consumer on an emotional level, with animal characters embodying the spirit of sharing and togetherness across the product range. What’s more, these characters can be combined in an endless loop.

The design was created after considering when and where people drink tea. Tea drinkers do not buy tea; they invest in a feeling. They are prompted by a need for warmth, togetherness, me-time, a desire to pamper themselves or others.

Every tea variety has a design that expresses its own personality, as reflected by the character of the tea itself. However, the full story only becomes clear when the varieties interact at the POS – eliciting the desired emotional response from the consumer.

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