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Products that have meaning are booming. Cacao Ceremony is one of our creative cases that shows what happens when brands get involved with the supernatural.

With the ceremonial context already in the name, the design immediately awakens a longing for tradition and spirituality. Behind this is an international trend: consumers want to buy from brands that offer more than just the product.

Cacao Ceremony invites the consumer to an ancient ritual. The ceremonial context opens up a supernatural world where the taste of the cacao is just the start of a powerful experience.

In trends like traditional ceremonies or tarot, it’s the charm that comes from the power of thought which gives designs a special energy. A similar attraction is found in the universe, which emanates a surreal magic that evokes a spectrum of emotions ranging from uncertainty to longing. The design of the Cacao Ceremony blends mythological design elements with a tarot card aesthetic.

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