M-Budget, Migros

A Cult Drink for Gen Z

Design, Strategy, Trend

How do you jump on the rapper-endorsed iced tea hype train? We helped M-Budget, the new sub-brand of leading Swiss supermarket Migros, do just that – no rapper required!

M-Budget had already achieved its cult status when we received this request from leading Swiss supermarket Migros: Design us an iced tea that can compete with the trendy drinks that rappers are endorsing. The big difference: to turn TASTEA into a lifestyle item, Migros relied on its own M-Budget community instead of riding the fame of others.

Supported by our Strategy and Trend teams, we developed two different design routes, both with two flavors, which were then taken to social media to be voted on. Fans could vote for their favorite design on Instagram and TikTok. Involving M-Budget followers not only created hype around TASTEA – it also made our design work participatory and transparent in a whole new way.

The design had to meet the tastes of Gen Z as much as the flavor of the iced tea itself. In both respects, this was achieved through confident, visually loud elements that clearly stand out from other M-Budget brands on the shelf.

In this way, TASTEA managed to thread the needle between the zeitgeist and the brand’s clearly defined design codes.


The M-Budget community was thrilled at the opportunity to vote a new product onto the supermarket shelves. Even before the launch, the TASTEA design attracted a lot of attention on social media and has been so successful to date that we implemented new varieties shortly afterwards.

3 days

is all it took until TASTEA was completely sold out in more than 200 Migros stores.

76 k

The number of votes that the winning design received within just 1.5 days on Instagram and TikTok.

80 >

products in the Migros range have been brought to life by our design and trend teams to date.

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