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After many years of collaborating with Lindt & Sprüngli, we were posed the following question in 2012: How do we attract a younger, lifestyle-oriented target group to a more traditional brand? This was the beginning of a very special win for us.

We had to come up with an innovative product concept that would appeal to new customers in a fully saturated market – while preserving the tradition and quality of the overall Lindt brand without weakening their other sub-brands.

In order to turn the target group of 15 to 30 year olds – millennials – into Lindt buyers, we first had to ask the right questions: What do they want from a brand? What shapes their lifestyle? A brand workshop, in which the target group and international competition were analyzed, provided the first answers. Since millennials don’t just follow trends, but set them, intensive trend scouting was central to the brand development and design.

In order to meet young people where they are, a sub-brand with a completely new concept was needed: so Lindt HELLO was born. The sub-brand has an independent look and feel that breaks all the usual Lindt design codes – and thus scores particularly well with millennials. Through the radically different naming and design concept, Lindt succeeded in positioning itself far away from their original brand identity. Even today, more than ten years after its launch, Lindt HELLO appeals to new customers without losing existing ones.

Because millennials have completely different taste, we delivered new, exciting flavors at the same time – and even debuted the Lindt HELLO Vegan line in 2020. To stay relevant, brands have to appeal to the lifestyle of their target group – and sustainability is playing an increasingly important role for millennials.

The sub-brand breaks with all classic design codes, which often focus on quality and tradition, and replaces them with fun and lightness.

Lindt HELLO was able to establish itself as a lifestyle brand that stands out from other Lindt brands and competitors with its confident name, fancy typography, bright colors, and innovative flavors. A brand with visual directness that speaks to the daily lives of millennials.


With our help, Lindt was able to refresh itself and attract an entirely new group of buyers. To this day, the Lindt HELLO sub-brand is a benchmark for many other brands and a permanent fixture in the hearts of the Lindt target group – even more than ten years after its launch.

33.8 M.

euros sales increase in the first year after launch.

50 %

of Lindt Hello customers after launch were new customers.

3 Awards

German Marketing Award 2013, Red Dot Award 2014 and the Vegan Food Award from PETA 2021.

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