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Nowadays, sweets are considered an evil, unhealthy temptation. People increasingly want a healthy lifestyle, but they still have the urge to snack. So what does contemporary confectionary look like – products that people do not feel guilty about eating?

More and more consumers are buying consciously. They want products that promote health. The change has arrived at the heart of society. At the same time, sweets are experiencing a hype, because in times of crisis, consumers long for fun and lightheartedness.

However, “healthy designs” often communicate the opposite: with either natural paper, muted colors, or matte prints – where the focus is only on ingredients and health benefits – the packaging screams “HEALTHY” but not “COOL and DELICIOUS.” Industry and retailers often treat snack alternatives in a niche-oriented way, both visually and in terms of placement in the “healthy corner” of the supermarket.

In order to help consumers make healthier choices, it is important not to give them the feeling of abandonment when it comes to product design. Modern snack alternatives need to fit seamlessly into the look and feel as well as the price segment of conventional confectionery – only then do they have a chance of entering the mainstream.

Our Biscotti Santi – or holy biscuits – are the visual exaggeration of an “innocent” sweet. The design approach builds on a macrotrend: “healthy hedonism,” in which health and pleasure are not (or no longer) contradictory.

The packaging overcomes all category-typical design codes and plays with the idea of breaking a taboo when snacking – thanks to monstrance-inspired design elements. The “church meets street” vibe of the design focuses on aesthetics and fun with a slightly ironic concept – the fact that the biscuits are also healthy is more a positive side effect than a design element.

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