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The brand name that we developed for the vegan PENNY store brand, in addition to its design and strategy, says it all. Meet Food for Future.

When we suggested to PENNY that they should launch a vegan store brand, the decision was unanimous: let’s get into this niche.

After creating the strategic positioning, we developed the brand logo, naming, and design concept with a forward-looking aesthetic.

With Food For Future, we created a purely plant-based assortment for PENNY that is affordable for everyone and can be found at a discount store.

In a playful way and without wagging a finger, the new Food For Future brand was intended to educate consumers about the benefits of plant-based nutrition – and thus appeal to flexitarians, vegans, and meat lovers alike.

As the first vegan range of the discount grocer’s store brand, Food For Future was hugely successful – and was subsequently launched as a brand throughout Europe. As the (dairy-free) icing on the cake, we won the Vegan Food Award in 2021.

If it’s got “future” in the name, the future should be on it too: the brand identity’s prominent use of blue is a nod to our planet’s oceans – and makes Food For Future stand out on shelves dominated by shades of green.

In addition, the design brings clarity through transparency: visuals clearly communicate which plant-based ingredient the product is based on.


1 Nr.

First vegan assortment of a discount grocer’s store brand.

1 Award

Vegan Food Award 2021.

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