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What happened when a young restaurateur from Belgium permanently closed his beloved restaurant? He gave his customers a homemade vinaigrette to take home, so the spirit of his creative cuisine could live on.

When Yannick Franken asked us to create a design for his vinaigrette, it was obvious to everyone that this was more than just packaging for a dressing. Because when the Belgian restaurateur cooks, there’s always one secret ingredient: a lot of heart.

He wanted to make it possible for the lovers of his restaurant No.04 by Yannick to take the special atmosphere into their own homes. His eye for detail and rustic, homemade feeling were important details that had to be present on the bottle through the design.

Both our design and the name “L’Atélier du Chef” reflect the detail-oriented nature of Yannick Franken and his vinaigrette. In the future, this will be available for purchase in select stores, allowing the chef to move from gastro to retail.

The way the chef prepares food and our design have one thing in common: attention to detail. Hand-drawn illustrations symbolizing important influences in his life give the bottle a very personal touch. Because you eat with your eyes first.


1 Award

Red Dot Award Winner 2023 – Food Packaging

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Bistronomie Numéro 04




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