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Orgasms Are a Human Right

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Our packaging for the new product ranges of the popular sex toy brand should be as confident as the Womanizer claim: “Orgasm is a human right.” After all, 61% of German women use sex toys – and no longer feel like hiding them in their nightstands.

Inspired by Womanizer’s mission to empower women worldwide to be confident and explore their own sexuality, we wanted to create a design that is bold and wears its colors with pride.

Working closely with our client, our strategy, design, and photography departments developed the concepts for two product families: the high-end Classic and Premium units and the smaller “Liberty” travel version.

Whether Travel Edition or Classic Dip line, Womanizer stands for female sexual empowerment – whenever and wherever one feels like it. Because this theme is to be approached with lightness and without socially conditioned shame, it is also the focus of the choice of colors and materials. In doing so, a deliberate departure was made from the classic patriarchal sexualizing design language.

The gently flowing cloth is the common thread that runs through both ranges as a unifying element – and symbolizes the pulsating, light touch of Pleasure Air technology. The lifestyle packaging of the Travel range appeals to self-assured jetsetters who proudly carry their Womanizer in their hand luggage.

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