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A Nightcap for Millennials

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Natural remedies have returned to the mainstream. U Sleep is our creative case to address this alchemical trend. Deceleration in a bottle.

U Sleep’s fictional design development is also driven by a trend: because more and more people are exposed to high stress levels in everyday life, products with mood-balancing effects are experiencing a real boom.

Additives such as melatonin or CBD have found their way into the mainstream and are considered herbal, natural alternatives to pharmaceutical products. U Sleep is a “botanical drink” based on herbs and flowers and enriched with melatonin – thus promoting sleep.

The U Sleep bottle is a cross between an apothecary bottle and a classic hip flask. The dark-tinted glass radiates calm and prepares you for the night ahead. An extremely reduced and at the same time approachable design that does justice to the concentrated ingredients is presented as a lifestyle design – far removed from classic sleep aid preparations.

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U Sleep

Creative Concept

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