Do you want to create truly innovative concepts that are beyond the ordinary? Do you want to work in an environment where food, beverage, beauty & lifestyle ideas are not only welcome, but celebrated? And create designs that not only catch the eye, but go straight to the heart? At WIN, you can push boundaries, redefine trends and tell stories with your designs that the world has not yet heard or seen.

As a Senior Art Director at WIN, you are not just a designer, but also a pioneer who conquers undiscovered design worlds. While trend researchers and future experts pull the strings in the background, creative ideas and illustrations are born from your head, giving our concepts the finishing touches and giving our designs their uniqueness.

WIN is an open creative space for all people. We actively encourage members of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPoC communities to apply. In our role as a creative meeting place, we are committed to creating an open space for all without prejudice.


  • You have at least 4 years of experience in the design or advertising agency environment and have already entered or changed the field of packaging design.

  • You have a heart for art that beats for powerful composings, expressive typography and vivid illustrations.

  • You have a special ability to bring concepts and visions to life through illustrations that enrich our designs.

  • You have a portfolio that not only shows design strength, but also tells stories that inspire.

  • You are up to date with relevant industry trends and technologies.

  • You have experience in team leadership and know how to focus creative energies and transform them into groundbreaking results.

  • You have an eye for the new, the bold, the not-yet-thought-of - to constantly redefine the boundaries of what is aesthetically possible.

  • You know how to translate trends into strategically strong concepts that not only inspire today, but also tomorrow.

  • You are a driving force in creative exchange, ready to sharpen ideas and shape visions together.

  • You have the courage to innovate and an unwavering enthusiasm for packaging design and corporate design that pushes the boundaries and breaks new ground.

  • Nice to have: You have some experience with Midjourney

What benefits are waiting for you at WIN?

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Our head of HR is happy to receive your application.

So drop her a line with a few words about yourself, your portfolio and your salary expectations.

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